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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Car Rust Prevention

The basic component that causes rust is salt.

During winter, the roads are kept ice free by splitting salt on the road. Thus salt help the car from preventing the car from getting into many major accidents. IF this s the positive side of the salt then the negative part is salt also acts as catalyst for rust. So during winter your car is more prone to rust.

Salt carries water or better to say moisture even into the smallest part of the car and caused oxidation with the rise of the temperature. Once the temperature of the car increases the oxidation rate also becomes high.

Acid Rain which often occurs in the industrial areas is also harmful for vehicles.

Here are some dos and don’ts for rust treatment:

The best and for most thing for preventing the metal from rusting is cleanness. This is highly required for your car. Proper cleaning everyday is required for your car. Always try to keep the body of your car clean and dry.

Waxing of the car is also crucial.

Many people had a misconception that cleaning of the car is not so important in winter but truly the cleaning is immensely essential. Make sure to wash the underside of the car properly. After completing open all the doors so that the water can drain out completely.

Always remind to check the drain holes in the bottom of the door and the frame and make sure to keep the bottom clean. Dirt holds moisture so clean and dry the tires.

Carefully observe the car and try to spot the rust area as soon as possible. It is much easy to treat a small rusted area than a big one. Don’t try to neglect the light brown area. It can be the indication of rust. Rusted chrome sometimes needs to be replaced completely.

Another way to prevent your car from getting rusted is rust-proofing. You can apply a certain wax paste by spraying the entire paste on the car body. You can also opt for silicon-based spray which can be applied to your paint. These sprays act as a specialist rust-proof your cars.

Since rust is a very common problem so now a days cars have warranty against corrosion and even they are manufactured with protection itself.

Conversion to Electric Car

You will have to choose the right place to work on the car. There are some precautions to follow and special facilities needed in order to do the conversion safely and efficiently. You may need to spend around two months to perform the conversion in the location you choose. The beginner’s electric car guide will help to choose and fix the place in the correct way suitable for the conversion.

You may need a lot of simple tools for the conversion. The selection of the tools and its usage may not be familiar to a beginner attempting the conversion to electric car. The tools must be right enough in quality and size to support your vehicle for conversion. The beginner’s electric car guide will help you to choose the tools correctly to perform the conversion efficiently.

There should also be a detailed plan to make the conversion. This plan involves choice of vehicle for conversion and conversion kit to be used for the conversion. Specifications and mechanical terms used in the manuals may not be sufficient enough to make a beginner aware enough of the proceedings. So always choose a good beginners electric car guide before you start the conversion operation.

Keep Car Sparkling

If you venture out to any fine auto store or even Wal-Mart, you will be overwhelmed with car cleaning products. Then comes the picking and choosing. How do you know which ones are the best, and which ones are a better choice for your car? Well, it’s time to turn head online for your research. The Internet can provide you with very useful and relevant feedback on a variety of car cleaning products that have been used by others like yourself. Check and see how each product is rated by them.

In our society there is an ongoing joke regarding the men and their cars. Men often pull out all the stops when it comes to their SUV or sports car. In fact, car cleaning products are no laughing matter. Luckily, these days there is everything from high quality car waxes to get the paint job in perfect condition, to shampoos that will leave the interior of your ride smelling like new.

When it comes to car cleaning products, many like the aesthetic results, but may not consider the preservation aspects. By taking good care of your vehicle, you definitely prolong the life of the car. For example, if you wax your car once a month and give the paint that ultimate protection from the elements, then it will most likely not show as much damage down the road. The nautral elements will have trouble penetrating the shield and protection given by your car wax.

All this is well worth it in the long run. This goes the same for your car’s interior. The sun can be damaging to your dashboard, vinyl or leather. If you keep it clean and protected, it is much less likely to crack. There are a number of car cleaning products that can help you with this feat. No matter the extent of obsession with your vehicle, you don’t have to fight the battle alone. On the internet, you can find car cleaning products galore with specifications to suit your needs, no matter what vehicle you own. The life and beauty of your car is important to you, not to mention if you intend to sell it later. Quality car cleaning products are a must when it comes to owning and caring for a vehicle.

Saving Money and Gas

1. Accelerate and Decelerate with Ease – Accelerating and decelerating slowly is key to saving gas. In fact you can save 5% – 30% when you follow this rule.

2. Drive in Neutral – Put it in neutral as much as possible. When driving down an incline of a 1/4 mile or more neural should be your best friend. While some would encourage you to turn the engine off, I simply suggest putting it in neutral and coasting.

3. Tire Pressure – According to the Department of Energy roughly 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline were wasted in 2005 alone do to driving on under-inflated tires. So check your tire pressure and make sure you aren’t burning gas unnecessarily.

4. Lighten Your Load – Reduce the load in your car to save that fuel! Studies have shown that for every 100 pounds you carry in your car you lose roughly 2% in fuel efficiency. So what are you waiting for? Remove excess weight from trunk and your car!