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Info of Driveway Auto Detailer


These also must be cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight – especially the chrome or aluminum types. If you clean them when they are hot – some cleaners will stain them – so be very certain to buy that cleaner that is recommended for your specific wheel type and finish. If unsure about your wheel finish – buy a cleaner that is labeled safe for all types of wheels. There are several brands of cleaners that contain no lye or acid….these are the best for all of us ‘driveway cleaners’. Depending on your style of wheel – you might consider buying a ‘Christmas tree-type’ of brush [this refers to the shape of the brush] to get inside spokes or small areas within the wheel in order to ensure that all the collected brake dust is eliminated. To complete the wheel cleaning – use a terry rag or sponge to wipe down the wet wheels paying close attention to the undersides of the ‘spokes as well as where they meet the rim.

Tip: rubber gloves will protect your hands from corrosive brake dust.

Necessary products: All – purpose or specific wheel cleaner, wheel brush, and ‘tire shine’. Tire Shine comes in several variations – liquid, gel, or foams. Be very choosy as you don’t want this to ‘splash’ all over your wheels and car.


Tip: Do not use the same bucket for washing the car as you did for washing the wheels. Brake dust is corrosive and any left in the bucket will harm your painted finish.

Again….out of the sun and only with a cool car [temperature, that is]. It is super – important that you keep your car wet throughout the washing process in order to avoid streaking or water spots.

Your initial mission is to rid your vehicle of super grimy areas around the bumpers and side bottoms. If necessary, use a ‘Bug & Tar’ cleaner with a soft brush [ boar’s hair ] to wipe down those areas without scratching the paint. These products ‘cut’ the chemicals or bug remains and prevent smearing the remnants all over the car.