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Information about Alloy Wheels

When you have the tyres fitted ask the fitters to attach the weights for balancing on the inside of the wheel.

Whilst a large proportion of alloy wheels are chrome remember that they can be painted any colour you wish. Dark coloured, matt finish alloy wheels have a sleeper, understated look. When choosing your tyres try and pick one with a wide wall, this will go some way to prevent scratching if the wheels are kerbed whilst parking etc.

Handling can be improved with the fitting of spacers between the wheel and hub, this will help to improve the handling of the car by widening the footprint. Split rim alloy wheels are basically a wheel in two parts fastened together with nuts and bolts, they are generally wider and can fill a wheel arch much better and allow for a wider tyre to be fitted.

Remember that your safety and the safety of other road users comes first and when buying alloy wheels if they are much bigger than the standard fit for your car then the suspension will need to be realigned to ensure good handling.