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Types of Hybrid Vehicle

A hybrid is a vehicle that is between an electric vehicle and a gas powered engine. Hybrids have an internal combustion engine as well an electric motor that has a backup battery. Most typical mixture vehicles tend to share both gas and electric energy at the same time. What this means is that traditional mixture vehicles are actually a whole lot more fuel efficient than they are environmentally friendly. Another thing that consumers should be aware of when buying a hybrid is that they should know that two main hybrid types exist. These hybrid types are the mild hybrid and the full hybrid. Buyers of such cars should also decide how important it is to save on energy before choosing one energy saving vehicle or the other.

Mild Hybrid:

Mild hybrid vehicles predominantly use gas as a means of power. The electric motor is only used in cases where additional power is needed to support the gasoline engine. Mild hybrid vehicles therefore rely on a whole lot more gas than their full hybrid vehicle counterparts. Because of this reason they only offer a small reduction in the amount of dangerous emissions that they release into the atmosphere. When you compare these hybrid vehicles with traditional vehicles on the other hand, they still offer a greater financial and environmental benefit.

Full Hybrid:

When most people think about hybrid vehicles they are actually thinking about the full hybrid. This is because the full mixture vehicle is more in line with what people feel mixture vehicles are supposed to be all about. These vehicles allow the electric motor to work independently of the gasoline or the traditional engine. A full hybrid can solely be powered by electricity thereby eliminating the release of dangerous substances and saving the costs of gas as well. When you make an idle stop such as you would before a traffic light, the full hybrid switches power entirely to the electric motor. The full hybrid is great for town driving and allows the electric motor does most of the work when you’re travelling at slow speeds. Most people often think that hybrids must be plugged into a recharging source at one time or the other to recharge their batteries, the truth however is that these vehicles recharge themselves by using the internal battery pack while you’re driving.